Landscapes of Global Capital
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Sunset over the pyramids
The road to Cairo
Are you ready?
The pharaoh's garage
Traffic jam in the desert
Invest in a camel
Solar powered camel
Bad metaphor
Don't buy this car
The Bedouin of GE

Sign Formulas & Branding

Signifying Clusters

Structural Frames

These images are taken from a global montage that connects snippets from a range of exotic cultures. Coke advertising integrates its product into the fabric of everyday life throughout the world. In the 1950's the French communists used the term Cocacolonization to describe the globalization of this product. Coke was only a harbinger of what was to come. Today, McDonaldization, Disneyfication, and Swooshification are the phrases that capture the fears of a growing monoculture.

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