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Sunset over the pyramids
The road to Cairo
Are you ready?
The pharaoh's garage
Traffic jam in the desert
Invest in a camel
Solar powered camel
Bad metaphor
Don't buy this car
The Bedouin of GE
Sun America01-99

Sign Formulas & Branding

Signifying Clusters

Structural Frames

By toying with the standard metacommunicative structure of ads, Sun America uses the desert as a backdrop for a fake automobile commercial. After juxtaposing a caravan led by a woman in flowing gowns to a car speeding through the desert, Sun America tells us how much money we could have made from an investment instead of this purchase. Sun America turns commodity advertising on its head. Don't get suckered in by a beautiful women leading a caravan across a desert landscape! Sun America exposes the structure of commodity advertising. Unlike investment advertising it is constructed out of fanciful exotic images. Against this, Sun America magically supplies us with dollars that grow exponentially. No advertising tricks here.

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