Landscapes of Global Capital
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Sunset over the pyramids
The road to Cairo
Are you ready?
The pharaoh's garage
Traffic jam in the desert
Invest in a camel
Solar powered camel
Bad metaphor
Don't buy this car
The Bedouin of GE

Sign Formulas & Branding

Signifying Clusters

Structural Frames

In Caterpillar's "Building Roads" commercial a pyramid and a camel provide a visual signifier of a map coordinate, a place off the beaten track of modernization. The message: this company can build roads anywhere and everywhere.The ad actually consists of a series of similar cultural/ geographic scenes that offer fixed points in a montage cartography of globalization. Geographically, this scene offers a referent for Egypt/North Africa in Caterpillar's panoramic tour of the globe. Scenes such as this also suggest a geographically peripheral region.

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