Landscapes of Global Capital
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BP actually replaces the older image of oil companies as corporate polluters with its new eco-brand. bp not only creates cleaner gasoline but also supports solar power. It takes the initials bp, originally British Petroleum, and simply adds a new meaning (beyond petroleum). Good thing it wasn't named British Oil.

Is it possible to drive a car and still have a clean environment?
To refine a cleaner gasoline?
Can solar power become mainstream?
Could business go further and be a force for good?
Can 100,000 people in a hundred countries come together to build a new brand of progress for the world.
We think so.
And now bp, Amoco, Arco, Castro and get together to try

Beyond petroleum

The bp ad is constructed out of abstract forms (small green and yellow parallelograms) that are used to collapse conceptional opposites: industry/Nature. The movements of these forms parallel a female voice-over's narration, i.e. from falling leaves to traffic, from a sun's life-giving rays to industrial gears. At the end the pieces form the green and yellow bp logo, which could easily double for an environmental organization's logo.

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