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AT&T takes one of the most overused signifiers in this genre of advertising and transforms it into a recognizable icon. In AT&T's "Boundless" campaign the globe is the commercial. Nicknamed the Death Star because of its similarities with the Star Wars sphere. AT&T takes the sphere and logo-izes it by stripping it of any geographic referent and giving it a metallic look. In individual commercials the globe is creatively morphed to demonstrate a range of functions, services, and practices. The pleasure of the text is the morph itself. While each ad might signify a specific dimension of broadband -- reliability, speed, integration, the creative use of the Death Star icon signifies innovation and flexibility as qualities associated with this corporate giant. Sounds -- or rather the meanings of sounds -- play a central role in this commercial. Morphing is supported by stark exaggerated sounds that are amplified against a silent background. This is followed by a voice-over intoned to suggest cleverness as it touts the qualities of AT&T broadband. To cement the brand building process a short, condensed, distinct sound signature plays as the globe morphs back to its original form.

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