Landscapes of Global Capital
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Cingular's initial commercial campaign used an M.C. Escher-style aesthetic to embed its "signature logo" in shifting kaleidoscopic perspectives and patterns. The commercial starts with its logo reflecting off a businessman's shoe. The perspective continues to pull back until we join orbiting satellites looking down upon the Earth. The voice-over proclaims the size and global reach of this newly named corporation that is 60% owned by SBC and 40% owned by Bell South.

It has over 20 million customers nationwide.
Works with nearly half the fortune 1000 and provides the wireless network for Blackberry and PalmBet. You didn't know it was so big in business.
Cingular wireless.
What do you have to say?

The ad not only creates logo recognition, but also logo association. Embedding the logo in scapes creates a correlation between the logo and the signifieds of the scape.

Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02
The scapes here represent the non-places of supermodernity: sleek, non-locatable, global, and inhabited by the business elite.
Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02 Cingular02-02

The scapes themselves are abstract designs modified to resemble the logo. The upbeat music and the quick changing perspective create a sense of mobility and movement of an international business elite.

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