Announcing the 4th
St. Lawrence University Geology

Alumni Conference

When: October 26 and 27, 2001

Where: At Brown Hall St. Lawrence University

Why: To Share and compare life experiences with current geology students.
To honor the memory of Bill Elberty, '53
To introduce students to the real time activities and challenges faced by geologists every day.
To share the science we do with our current students.
To network and share notes with each other.

Did you know that over the past 12 years since SLUGAC One:

More than 85% of St. Lawrence Geology students have attended one or more SLUGAC sessions!
        Individual students have made life-changing decisions after visiting with and hearing SLUGAC participants address them.
        The percentage of geology graduates who move directly into the job market has shifted from approximatel
60% to nearly 95%!
        Only 60% (or so) of Geology majors "Do Geology" as their career focus.
        Traditional areas of employment for our geology graduates such as petroleum exploration, mineral exploration and government agencies have been vastly expanded to include such areas as environmental services, insurance and banking, and earth science teaching.

Do you know where geologically-trained graduates will find employment over the next twelve years? We think

more Earth Science teaching;
federal, state & local paleontological resource assessment;
college teaching;
energy resource management
museum and public science education

Our present students want to know the view from the "real world." What trends do you see as alumni working IN ALL FIELDS, not just geology? Join us to discuss your experiences, to NETWORK, and to reflect on new and old times.

We have nothing to offer you but our gratitude and a potential tax deduction for attending this professional conference!

Please participate if you are able to do so. At least complete an interest form to get on the continuing mailing list.

Registration and interest form will be on this web site and in the mail.