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    The William T. Elberty, Jr. Medal is created by the alumni of the St. Lawrence University Geology Department (and its predecessor the Department of Geology and Geography) in honor of Professor Emeritus William T. Elberty, Jr.  It is an award for service to St. Lawrence University through and by direct service to and support of the Department of Geology.  Awardees may be St. Lawrence alumni, faculty/staff, current students or friends of the Geology Department.  The award is intended to honor a sustained pattern of acts of service to the Geology Program, to its education mission in classroom, laboratory or field, to its students, faculty or staff in their teaching/research endeavors, or to its alumni in their activities related to the St. Lawrence Geology Department.  Financial support is NOT a criterion appropriate for nomination or selection as an Elberty medalist except as it is part of a pattern of sustained and active involvement in the mission and activities of the Geology Department.

    Selection Process:  A Selection Committee composed of an odd number of members, as many as seven or as few as three persons, all of whom may be SLU Geology Alumni, but no more than two of whom may be Geology faculty or emeriti serving at request of the Geology Alumni Council, shall receive nominations from all quarters.  At least one alumnus member of the Selection Committee shall be a previous Elberty Medalist.  Chair of the Committee shall be nominated from those in attendance at the most recent R. O. Bloomer Banquet. 

    Nominations of candidates must include a transcribed letter of nomination that contains a history and description of the service and support activities for which the candidate is being nominated.  These may include even the nominee's service while a student in the department, but the essence of sustained support and service must be demonstrated.  A pattern over 30 years or more would not be unusual much as Doc Elberty himself showed the meaning of his loyalty to the high calling of teaching Geology at St. Lawrence by continued service.

    The Committee may consider candidates as often as annually.  It must consider candidates at least every third year.  The Elberty Medal may be awarded no more often than annually.  Beyond that restriction there is no required frequency of award.  Normally, not more than two awards will be made at any one award ceremony.  The St. Lawrence University Geology Alumni Conference R. O. Bloomer Banquet would be the normal time for presenting the medal. 

Boot and ring mural    The Award:  Bill Elberty and a group of students designed a logo for the St. Lawrence University Geology Department that included a well-worn field boot and a well-used geology hammer, both signifying the primacy of field work to a knowledge of Geology, particularly in an undergraduate education.  The miners' silver ring of honor signifying the Honor Pledge signed by Geology Club members, surrounds the central elements.  The Elberty Medal is funded by donations to the W. T. Elberty Auction in conjunction with the SLUGAC.

The Geology Department logo forms the face of the Elberty Medal.  The obverse bears the inscription:
William Turner Elberty, Jr. Medal
Presented by Geology Alumni and Faculty to
in Recognition of Sustained, Exceptional Service to
St. Lawrence University Geology.

Last Updated: 
November 13, 2010

Sarah McElfresh