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We were using Dreambook, but that was being spammed and not used often.  Below are some of the entries we had.  
Now check out our Facebook Group and let us know  what you've been up to.


Name:    Kirby Van Vleet
Class Year:    1977
City, State/Country:    Queensbury, NY 12804
comments:    Hey Gang, It's been a long time. After graduation I spent 10 years in the oil industry, based in Colorado, but pretty much covering the entire Rocky Mountain area and Sacramento Valley, CA. After the oil industry floundered in the mid 1980's I made the transition to hydrogeology. Since 1987, I have been performing groundwater exploration, development, permitting, aquifer testing, etc. in the Northeast. We've even done some work in the Canton, NY area, but have yet to drill any test wells. I'll stop by if I'm in the area. Kirby
Monday, January 3rd 2011 - 01:10:14 PM

Name: Mike J aron
Class Year:    1962
City, State/Country:    nahariya israel
comments:    Hi everyone- this is a good idea and a nifty site. am trying to integrate into the local environment here in nahariya: jogging along the beach, cooling down in the mediterranean and jogging some more. maintaining your moisture balance is a real challenge, but i am up to it.
Monday, August 17th 2009 - 08:29:06 AM

Name: Lynette (Bailey) Mokry
Class Year: 1988
City, State/Country: Syracuse, NY
comments: Hi, everyone! I've been busy working at Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc. (BBL) in Syracuse, NY for 11 years now, was previously with Eckenfelder (now Brown & Caldwell) for 4 years in Mahwah, NJ, after completing my M.S. at RPI. After doing about 6 or 7 years of mainly field work for environmental investigations and database management, I manage environmental projects or serve as a hydrogeology technical advisor/task manager for some projects. I presented a poster at the Fractured Rock conference last fall in Portland, ME, on coal tar migration scenarios (in fractured granitic gneiss) from a former manufactured gas plant in New England. I married Doug Mokry (Clarkson - comp sci) in 1989, and after being career focused for several years, finally decided it was time for some children. I have a wonderful 3-year old son named Jonathan, who already loves science (and music)like his parents. On June 1, I'm expecting my 2nd child and am looking forward to her arrival. On April 12, I'm heading up an "earth day" event at a downtown elementary school. I have events planned for K-5, running all morning. Wish me luck! I'll be getting some help from Bill Kappel, USGS, and possibly alumni Gerry Gould, who now works at Parratt-Wolff (drilling co.), managing projects for them. Under the circumstances, I won't be able to attend the SLUGAC, but it sounds like a great program! Maybe next time... Anyone interested in environmental consulting is welcome to contact me. BBL has offices across the US - see for more info. Best regards, Lynette
Sunday, April 10th 2005 - 06:31:17 AM
Name: Robert Morrow
Class Year: 1984
City, State/Country: Stamford, CT
comments: Greetings to everyone, Life has been busy and filled with unexpected turns. I have recently wed this past summer, and now we are new home owners and expecting our first child in the early spring. I have been teaching now for the past 18 years in secondary education grades 9-12, the past 5 years teaching earth sciences and now teaching a semester elective course in astronomy for uperclassmen along with the earth science classes. The classes and students are wonderful. It is great to see the continuing news and gowth of the department at SLU. I look at the newsletters and the webpages with many fond memories, especially of the department and all the faculty. Best wishes to all. Bob
Sunday, October 10th 2004 - 09:27:40 PM
Name: Lars Cherichetti
Class Year: 1993
page: City, State/Country: Wilton, CT
comments: My wife Alexis, 1year old daughter Helen and I live and caretake on a large estate/horse farm in Wilton, CT. Alexis is the director of the conservation office for the City of Norwalk, CT and very involved in inland wetland regulation and open space planning in Fairfield county. I also work full time as the director of education at the Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens in Stamford CT a destination worth a visit if you are in SW CT. I volunteer with the Citizen Advisory Committee for the Department of Environmental Protection's Long Island Sound Program, the town of Wilton's Deer Management Committee, and run astronomy and natural history programs for the Ridgefield Discovery Center.
Thursday, August 26th 2004 - 12:02:43 PM
Name: Sarah McElfresh
Class Year: 1998
City, State/Country: Pittsburgh, PA
comments: Hello Everyone, I know we've had lots of visitors to the geology alumni site, but not a lot of entries here. So I'm testing the guestbook. :) I'm sorry to have missed Reunion weekend this year and seeing Dean Eppler recieve an Alumni citation. Congratulations Dean! Congratulations to Mark Klett for his honoary degree from SLU at Commencemnt. My daughter Katie is now almost 9 months old and watching her discover new things about her world is a most enjoyable way to spend a day. I look forward to seeing many of you at the next SLUGAC in April. Please sign the guestbook, and let us know what you've been up to. Cheers! Sarah
Friday, June 11th 2004 - 07:14:45 PM
Name: Scott Sharlow
Class Year: 1998
City, State/Country: Ridgefield, CT
comments: Yo, Don't know if anyone reads this or not but thought I would sign-in for old time sake. I am currently working as the GIS Coordinator for the Town of Newtown, CT. A new-england town 2nd largest in CT with a warm feel and funky geology. Still taking hikes in the woods and discovering the rocks of the wilderness. Designed a trail system for a new state park in Ridgefield for a little volunteer work. If you are interested in taking a walk in CT come on by. Download the map at this web page: Cheers, Scott
Friday, December 5th 2003 - 10:34:18 AM
Name: Nick Garson
Class Year: 1989 Email:
City, State/Country: Seattle, WA USA
comments: Left SLU in 1989 with one suitcase, a backpack and a pair of skis. Moved to Missoula, Montana for grad school. Completed my MS in Geology at the University of Montana. Ran into Jay Billings (87')during a U of M intramural football game during his 1st week in Missoula. We both graduated in 1992. Moved to Seattle. Worked in environmental consulting for 6 years. Burned out. Switched gears and starting working for Boeing in 1998 as a Project Manager in the Environmental Cleanup Group. Really enjoy being a client much better than a consultant! Work on a wide range of environmental projects including TCE, perchlorate and PCB investigations/cleanup. I also support Boeing Realty on property acquisitions, mergers, divestitures and joint ventures. Decided I still wasn't educated enough -just finished my MBA from Seattle University (4 yrs of evening programs. Ughh). In my spare time, I volunteer as a National Ski Patroller at Crystal Mtn. That's my life in a nutshell since leaving Larryland.
Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 05:04:54 PM
Name: Andrew G. Fountain
Class Year: 1975
City, State/Country: Portland, Oregon
comments: Thanks for setting up this webpage. Hopefully, I'll see more of my colleaues sign in other than Dean Eppler (no offense Dean). Also, I hope that Graham Baird sends the photo of us in Arctic Sweden. One of those many small world things. For my activites, please check out my web page above. By the way, I visited Bill Romey this past spring (2003. He lives on Cape Cod. I was shocked to see that he hadn't changed. It was sort of a time warp for me that everything else had changed except him. It was fun to pick up where we left off 25+ years ago. Lucretia was as wonderful as I remembered her. Andrew PS Dean I run into your freshman roommate, Larry, on a weekly basis. He doesn't let me forget you.
Sunday, October 12th 2003 - 05:04:05 PM
Name: Matt Boulanger
Class Year: 1999
City, State/Country: Brewster, Massachusetts/USA
comments: Hi- I've been on Cape Cod since Graduation, first with AmeriCorps, then as a Conservation Agent in Bourne, and most recently as a Land Management Specialist for The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts. I've very much enjoyed working in Land preservation, but I'll be returning to Vermont next fall to get started at Vermont Law School, where I hope to specialize in property rights, takings, and land-use law. For now the Cape is great, though, I've been working on a management plan for some acreage on a Coastal Plain Pond (variety of kettle-hole) in Yarmouth. I live not far from the shifting sands of Nauset Beach, and spend a good bit of time out there. I got to experience a little Adirondack topography this weekend, as my father and I completed our second Adirondack Marathon in as many years. The race is a single complete loop around Schroon Lake- hilly but beautiful. That's it for now, I hope to make it up to SLU again soon for a visit. Matt
Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 03:00:32 PM
Name: Andrew Macdonald
Class Year: 1977/8
City, State/Country: Alexandria, VA
comments: Dear Old Friends (and new ones), This is the first time I've seen this web page and I think's great. It's well laid out and interesting! I haven't been to Canton in years, though I do keep in touch with an old friend of the department: Al Meeker; and several others, Mary Walker and Dave Skipp. I received a PhD in geology from the University of Western Ontario in 1984 (how time flies.) I worked with Bill Fyfe on the serpentization problem using seafloor rocks from the Philippines. I think we solved it! Then it was off to Texas to work as a staff scientist with the Ocean Drilling Program. After a couple of sea tours I headed to DC to work with the Office of Technology Assessment on nuclear waste disposal issues. A few year of teaching at George Mason and Johns Hopkins (mostly to folks interested in policy and applied uses), I started to work as a naturalist for travel companies like Special Expeditions (looks like my former teacher Bill Romey has done the same). Now, I'm a DEMOCRATIC City Councilman in Alexandria, VA and an artist -- photographer. Go figure! (not about being a Democrat though!) Best to all, Andrew Macdonald 215 South Union St Alexandria, VA 22314 703-548-7572
Wednesday, February 16th 2005 - 01:55:55 PM
Name: Maureen "Moe Jones" Jackson
Class Year: 1997
City, State/Country: Wilmington, North Carolina
comments: Hello everyone. Taking a lunch break at work and decided to check in. Things in North Carolina have been hectic. We survived the hurricanes and tropical storms this summer - only lost 6 trees in the yard. Our son, Owen, is 22 months old already and such a "flirt". I am trying to schedule a trip to take my husband, Jeff, to upstate NY to see SLU. He is a southern boy and has never been in that neck of the woods. Glad to hear the Geo. Dept. is doing well. Take care. Moe
Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 12:40:00 PM
Name: Myron Getman
Class Year: 1994
City, State/Country: Albany, NY
comments: Thought I'd drop a line and let people know what I've been up to. Professionally, I've embarked on a new aspect of my position with the New York State Department of Health and continue with some projects. I am now auditing environmental laboratories which test for Asbestos. This requires a lot of tedious paper work as well as grilling unsuspecting analysts over their skills with Polarized Light Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy, and Transmission Electron Microscopy. This aspect of the job can require some travel which I try to keep to a minimum to avoid interfering with my weight-lifting. I also handle a lot of unknown "white powders" which are sent to people in government. My last "white powder" was sent to one of the State's Senators. Thankfully, I have yet to see a harmful material. I am still working on a study of the effects of high temperature heating on Crocidolite (fibrous Riebeckite) and about to begin some work on an effective, inexpensive means to determine percent mass asbestos in materials which contain a large amount of vermiculite (ores, etc.). All my research work is aimed at aiding the analysis of asbestos containing materials in environmental laboratories. Musically, I'm still in my band The Flying Buttresses. We were about to do a week long tour to New Orleans when, unfortunatly, we had to fire our vocalist. We're still working hard, have built up a very good reputation, and are recruiting a new singer. If all goes well, we will be back gigging soon and hope to put in a bid to play at a large national convention next year.
Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 12:03:40 PM
Name: Tavis Lloyd
Class Year: grad
page: http://N/A
City, State/Country: Oneonta, NY
comments: So far things are going well at this end. I have just started my second year at Oneonta State and am working furiously on my thesis as well as taking classes and teaching 3 sections of intro geology lab. I have been inducted into, and made president of SGE, thus placing the responsibility of organization of meetings on my shoulders. I hope to make it back to the Canton area over a couple of up comming breaks, hopefully I will be able to see some of you then. Take care and best wishes. Tavis
Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 11:24:30 AM
Name: Sarah (Zimmerman) McElfresh
Class Year: 1998
City, State/Country: Pittsburgh, PA
comments: Hi Everyone! I'm working on reformating the alumni pages. If you want your email address added or corrrected please let me know. Also send me any citations for recent publications or news and I'll get those up ASAP. In personal news, our daughter Kathryn Margaret was born on Sept. 17th. I'm learning how to function on no sleep. I'd like to know why I wasn't able to function this well on so little sleep in college! Cheers!
Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 10:33:50 AM

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