St. Lawrence Geology Alumni
St. Lawrence Geology Alumni named as Geological Society of America Fellows in 2008

On May 4, 2008 the GSA Council elected new Fellows that were recognized at the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting GSA Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony on Saturday,  October 4, 2008.
Three of the newly elected Fellows are St. Lawrence Alumni.  This was announced in GSA Today, Vol. 18, No. 7 on pages14-20.  The below citations are quoted from those pages.  The associated are pictures are from the alumni files. listed in the July 2008 issue of GSA Today as being elected GSA fellows.

Jeffrey R. Chiarenzelli, St. Lawrence University
Member: GSA Northeastern Section
Jeff Chiarenzelli has made fundamental contributions to the geology of the Hudsonian orogen and the Adirondack Mountains, principally through zircon geochronology, and they represent breakthroughs. He has also made important contributions to techniques dealing with toxic wastes and PCBs. Beyond these, he has been an outstanding teacher of undergraduates.
—James M. McLelland

Jeff is member of the class of 1981
Citation on page 15
Michael R. Perfit, University of Florida
Member: GSA Southeastern Section
Michael Perfit is nominated for the award of GSA Fellow for his distinguished contributions in marine geology and igneous petrology. Mike is a leader in marine geology, particularly in the geochemical study of oceanic ridges and the origin of tectonic plates, and is a valuable member of numerous international cooperative research programs.
—David A. Foster

Mike is a member of the class of 1971
Citation on page 18
william scott
William E. Scott, U.S. Geological Survey–Vancouver
Member: GSA Cordilleran Section and GSA Quaternary Geology
and Geomorphology Division
William F. Scott is nominated for his accomplishments and leadership in geology and volcanology of Cascade volcanoes, assessment of hazards and mitigation of risk at arc  volcanoes, Quaternary geology of the Bonneville basin and eastern Snake River Plain, and communication of volcanic hazards information to the public.
—Charles R. Bacon

William is a member of the class of 1969
Citation on page 19

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