Chronology of Mesopotamian Mathematics

Most dates are approximate and BC(E). Period divisions are fairly arbitrary and have been conspicuously rounded.

Date  Period  Events 
8000  Tokens.
3500-3000  Proto-literate
Development of writing.  Economic texts. 
3000-2350  Early Dynastic  Metrological numeration systems
Earliest tables, mathematical problem texts. 
2350-2200  Old Akkadian 
2100-2000  Ur III or 
Development of sexagesimal place value notation.
2000-1600  Old Babylonian  Main source of our knowledge of Mesopotamian mathematics.
Tables: multiplication, roots, powers, reciprocals, coefficients.
Algorithmic problems. 
2000-1400  Old Assyrian 
1600-1100  Kassite 
1400-1000  Middle Assyrian 
1000-612  Neo Assyrian 
625-539  Neo Babylonian 
539-331  Persian 
331-323  Alexander 
312-64 AD  Seleucid  Computational astronomy 

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