Math 323: Fall 2005

History of Ancient and Classical Mathematics

Reserve and Reference Materials

All the assigned reading for the semester can be found in the library.  Most books and articles will be on the reserve shelf in the Launders Science Library.  Reference books are in the reference section.  You should treat this list and the specific daily assignments as a minimal reading list for the semester.  Feel free to read around in the subject,  you will come to class better informed and be a more willing and able discussant.  This may even be reflected in your participation grade.

1. Books on Reserve

Archimedes, The Works, trans. T.L. Heath, C.U.P. 1897

Burton, D.M., History of Mathematics: An Introduction, 3e, WCB 1995.

Calinger, R., Classics of Mathematics, Prentice-Hall 1995.

Euclid, The Elements, trans. T.L.Heath, 3 vols, Dover 1956.

Fauvel, J., Gray, J., The History of Mathematics: A Reader, Macmillan 1987.

Gillings, R.J., Mathematics in the Time of the Pharoahs, Dover 1982.

Katz, V.J., A History of Mathematics: An Introduction, 2e, Addison-Wesley 1998.

Neugebauer, O., Sachs, A., Mathematical Cuneiform Texts, Amer. Or. Soc. 1945. Reprinted 1986.

Nissen, H.J., Damerow, P., Englund, R.K., Archaic Bookkeeping, U. Chicago Press 1993.

Serres, M.(ed.), A History of Scientific Thought, Blackwell 1995.

Swetz, F. (ed.), From Five Fingers to Infinity, Open Court 1994.

Waerden, B.L. van der, Science Awakening, Oxford 1961.

2. Reference Works

Gillispie, C.C. (ed. in chief), Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Scribner 1981-    SCI/REF Q141 .D5 1981

Grattan-Guinness, I. (ed), Companion Encyclopedia of the History and Philosophy of the Mathematical Sciences, Routledge 1994.    SCI/REF QA21 .C645 1994

Neu, J. (ed.), Isis Cumulative Bibliography 1976-1985, HSS 1989.     SCI/REF Q125 .I85 1989

Neu, J. (ed.), Isis Cumulative Bibliography 1986-1995, HSS 1997.     SCI/REF Q125 .I86 1997

Roaf, M. (ed.), Cultural atlas of Mesopotamia and the ancient Near East, ODY/ REF  DS69.5 .R63 1996 

History of Science and Technology database. Go to the library database page and choose HST.

3. Journals

We do not have very many history of mathematics and science journals available at the library. When you are working on your paper, you will get to know the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) people well. However, we do get some relevant journals here and you should keep an eye on them to see what has been recently published but has not made it into the databases yet. The most important journal for us is Historia Mathematica.

Historia Mathematica, SCI Periodicals QA21 .H54

Isis, SCI Periodicals Q1 .I7

Journal for the history of astronomy, SCI Periodicals QB15 .J68

Osiris, SCI Periodicals Q1 .O7

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