Day 27: Late classical mathematics


Late classical mathematics.
Discuss the development of mathematics after Apollonius.
Discuss the rise of commentaries, what Netz calls 'Deuteronomic' texts.
Note rise of applied mathematics with astronomy driving the development of trigonometry.
Why are there no more major advances in geometry after Apollonius?
How do the Greek and Roman elites compare in their valuation of mathematics?
How does this affect transmission of mathematical knowledge?
How does everyday mathematics change over the next centuries?


D. Burton, History of Mathematics, 218-222, 240-242.
R. Calinger, Classics of Mathematics, 91-105.
B.L. van der Waerden, Science Awakening, 264-267.


Chronologies of mathematicians.
Development of the Roman Empire.
The Roman Empire in 1AD.
Romans on Romans and mathematics.
Cicero on discovering Archimedes' tomb.

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