Chronology of Works of Archimedes

The chronological ordering of the extant works of Archimedes is subject to a certain amount of debate. The standard order is due to Heath, Works of Archimedes,and Greek Mathematics (for the placement of the Method). Against this, Knorr proposed a different ordering in, 'Archimedes and the Elements: Proposal for a Revised Chronological Ordering of the Archimedean Corpus.' AHES (1978) 211-298.

Heath's Ordering


Knorr's Ordering

Equilibrium of Planes I
The Early Group:
Dimension of the Circle
Quadrature of the Parabola   Sand Reckoner
Equilibrium of Planes II   Quadrature of the Parabola 18-24
Method   Equilibrium of Planes I
Sphere and Cylinder I, II   Equilibrium of Planes II
Spiral Lines
The Mature Group: 
Quadrature of the Parabola 4-17
Conoids and Spheroids   Sphere and Cylinder I
Floating Bodies I, II   Sphere and Cylinder II
Dimension of the Circle   Spiral Lines
Sand Reckoner   Conoids and Spheroids
    Equilibria (lost)
    Floating Bodies I, II

Additionally, there are perhaps seven or so lost works mentioned by ancient commentators, and another nine works ascribed to Archimedes by Arabic sources.

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