Welcome to SLU Anthropology Club home page. This page, as with the Anthropology Club, is just getting off the ground, but we do have a relatively comprehensive list of links. Please be our guest and look around and remember to check back for any updates.

What is Anthropology?

Literally, Anthropology is the study of humankind. Since "humankind" is such a broad subject it is typically broken down into four subfields.The names may vary slightly, but the particulars are the same: Cultural or Social Anthropology (Social Anthropology is the British term, sometimes the two are compounded into Sociocultural Anthropology), is the study of culture and society; Biological or Physical Anthropology (Biophysical), is the study of past and present human or hominoid (great apes and hominids) anatomy, physiology, genetics, and evolution; Archaeology, is the study of past cultures; and Linguistic Anthropology, is the study of human language and speech.

If you are a St. Lawrence University student you are more then welcome to join the Club-you don't have to be an Anthro major. Like the Anthropology Department we are growing-there are now about 40 majors. Our plans for the remainder of this semester and next year include regular field trips to local museums, universities, and also the annual North East Anthropological Association conference. We will also host guest and resident faculty presentations.

If you are interested in joining the Anthro Club, please e-mail Matt Joanis at x8h1@music.stlawu.edu or contact Professor John Barthelme, the Anthropology Club's advisor via the Anthropology Department at x-5106.

Anthropology Links on The World Wide Web

A VERY comprehensive list of search engines and sources of information, though these sites are not Anthropologically oriented

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